“Amazing Performance!”: 50-Year-Old Burlesque Queen Dita Von Teese Danced Topless in a Glass!

Heather Rene Sweet, best known by her stage as Dita Von Teese, an American burlesque performer, once more dazzled her audience. She reportedly danced at a hotel in Bangkok’s opening, according to The Daily Mail. Also noteworthy are Heather Rene’s careers as a singer and model.

On December 20, a topless dancer in a martini glass gave a choreographed performance. She was 50 years old. The dance was presented during the Bangkok Standard Hotel’s grand opening.

She stood for the cameras while wearing transparent shorts and a silver liner with chest-covering tassels. Long earrings and a crimson lip color suited the artist’s appearance. The dancer’s picture was quite unguarded and garnered a lot of interest.

The model celebrated her 50th birthday on September 28.

In 2005, she wed the musician Merlin Manson. However, after a little more than a year of marriage, they filed for divorce because of various issues.

What do you think of the model’s picture? How did it go?

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