An abandoned pit bull that was rescued by firefighters in a snowstorm is now living a good life

The dog couldn’t hide her joy

Unfortunately, some irresponsible people took care of Ashley, a gap bull. Due to the fact that they barely ever fed her, they didn’t always take her out. Undoubtedly, she was left outside during a storm. The lady in need.

In January 2017, Ahsley was gladly assisted by Erica Mahnken and Michael Favor, co-founders of No More Ache Rescue.

“We got a phone number from rumors that a couple was living in a run-down house,” Mahnken told The Dodo. They didn’t have heat or power, so they had a dog there. I believe they abandoned the dog earlier since they looked for a nearly hot place to stay. As soon as we had her cellphone’s name, we scrambled to find her, Mahnken stated.

As they drove on to Ashley’s house, Favor motioned for Mahnken to remain inside the vehicle. Mahnken quickly became aware of the lack of electricity and the extreme cold. Ashley also didn’t have any food or drink with her. Ashley, luckily, managed to stay safe.

The dog couldn’t contain her happiness, and Favor quickly escorted her out of the home. Mahnken recalls that she was ecstatically delighted and arrived exhausted. She jumped into my car without waiting.

Ashley was overweight and underweight, and her skintight clothing sprang out from her body. She weighed barely 25 kg and showed clear symptoms of physical stress throughout the assessment.

Ashley can’t stay there because they didn’t really have a place for her in the sanctum, so Mahnken and Favor found her a foster home. They were fortunate to have friends in the New York City Fire Department.

The couple requested the firemen at Fort Pitt Station to care for Ashley while they looked for a good home for her.

As soon as she entered the firehouse, “her tail was wagging, and he or she was licking and chatting everyone,” Mahnken remembered. She was quite happy.

Given where she comes from, you won’t really anticipate that. She wasn’t at all as nervous as you may have anticipated.

“I’m very happy we found her a home that can just show her love and never turn her into the outlet bull that people like to despise so sharply.

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