An adorable kitten with big eyes has taken the internet by storm with its sleeping position

All we want to do when we see her is pet that fluffy cutie.

Every living thing is exquisite and special in its own way.

The hero of today is a cute little child who has quickly captured the hearts of millions of users.

The young child goes above and beyond being just lovely.

Chata, a little Munchkin cat, is her name. You can tell what her favored sleeping posture is just from the photographs.

It’s so endearing and amusing that it quickly went viral online.

Just by laying there, this kitten unintentionally draws everyone’s attention.

She likes to sleep on her back and does it in a way that makes her appear almost human.

Many people liken her to Snoopy, the canine character from a well-known cartoon.

Even more sweet than sugar is Chata. You can’t stop staring at her and want to gaze at her all the time.

Her mother frequently uploads pictures of the cat on Chata’s Instagram account, chavata2023, where we were able to find some of the more popular ones to share with you.

Even though Chata is so little, her eyes are enormous.

Chava is her sister’s name. It appears that she grins as she sleeps as well.

When we see her, all we want to do is pet her fluffy cuteness.

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