An ambulance worker noticed a black baby crawling in the grass (video)

The helpless lump crawled too close to the roadway, and the man paid attention to him in time.

About a month ago, an ambulance worker from the town of Burlington, USA, heard a strange squeak during a break at work. He was standing near a busy road, where there should not have been animals.

Suddenly, the man noticed a tiny black lump that crawled too close to the road. He managed to take the kitten in time and save it from the saddest outcome. The employee carried the baby to his car and contacted the local Sparkle Cat Rescue animal rescue center.

A volunteer named Stephanie immediately agreed to take the baby. The kitten was the size of a palm, weak and frightened. After a good portion of food, bathing, and care, the baby perked up noticeably – it was clear that he was not going to give up.

One of the employees of the shelter took the baby for overexposure, and gave the name Bear Grylls – in honor of the British traveler, surviving in difficult conditions. Bear showed that this name suits him – the kitten turned out to be a real fighter.

He got better, became more active and playful every day. The vociferous baby meowed with might and main when the guardian walked towards him with another bottle of milk. For such a baby, he had a great appetite.

Then, for the first time, Bear got out of his “baby” couch, learned to play and eat adult cat food. Recently, the rescue center began looking for permanent owners for him.

We didn’t have to wait long. A week ago, a couple noticed the baby. When they visited him at the shelter, they immediately realized that this was fate!

Now Bear lives in a loving family, always fed and cared for. Thanks to the kind ambulance worker who once gave this kid a chance for a better life!

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