An era has passed: What happened to the movie stars from the 80s and 90s today

The names are still well-known because they were engraved in our memory when we were young and eagerly reacted to everything. But you can’t remember the faces anymore, and there’s no special point because all those stars have long aged. That’s right, too much time has passed. And let it be sad for someone, you can’t turn back what has already been done.

Brooke Shields is almost a grandma

Thomas Anders with short hair

Dieter Bohlen no longer sings

Amy Yasbeck changed her hair

Don Johnson is still the same dashing

C.C. Catch, is that you?

Boy George – remember this one?

John Goodman lost almost no weight

Erika Eleniak is still adorable

Jennifer Beals did not give up curls

Steve Buscemi hasn’t changed much

Geena Davis has changed radically

Karen Allen has aged like the others

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and her wrinkles

Kelly McGillis is a granny!

Bridget Nielsen – glamorous granny

Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan – how they have changed

Nastassja Kinski also lost her youth

Daryl Hannah no longer shines like before

Michael J. Fox still looks like a teenager

All that’s left of Kathleen Turner are wise eyes

Olivia Newton-John – I don’t know

Nancy Allen, where are you lost?

Andie MacDowell is still the same except for the wrinkles.

Jamie Lee Curtis has found confidence in herself

Meg Ryan hasn’t changed much.

Anjelica Huston, what happened to you?

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