An incredible story about how a girl saved her little brother. (video)

The girl under the nickname @o5_mbl posted an incredible video on her Tik Tok account. On it, her daughter Sophie is engaged in school affairs on distance learning. Her younger brother sits nearby and plays with his toys.

Suddenly the boy began to cough and then began to choke. The girl saw that her younger brother was lying on the floor for some reason and rushed to him.

And what happened after, you can see in the video:


@o5_mbl у меня мурашки по коже…просто нет слов…#сестра #спасла #спаслажизнь #рек #топ ♬ Change My Mind – Chris Alan Lee

Fortunately, Sophie managed to save her brother! And a moment later, the frightened mother of the children came running to the cry.

In just a few hours, the video has gained more than 3 million views. The comments were filled with surprised people, everyone was in shock, and some even had tears in their eyes.

Such a sister will always be a reliable support in life! After all, even adults may not immediately react correctly in such a situation.

But what to do in this case, watch the video:


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