Together 22 years. The paparazzi showed stout beyond recognition wife Brosnan on vacation

69-year-old actor Pierce Brosnan is faithful to his wife, despite gossip on the Web. Keely and Pierce legalized their relationship 22 years ago. During this time, Keely, unexpectedly for fans, is noticeably rounded, changing beyond recognition.

In the new pictures of the star couple, it is difficult to recognize Keely as a plump woman. Many ill-wishers often discuss pictures of spouses in the comments, reproaching Keely for letting herself go.

“The wife of such a man, you need to match”, “Surely Pierce is cheating on her with models”, “Very nice woman”, “Pierce turns out to be a decent man”,

“They love each other”, “Wonderful couple”, “And I really like them”, “Bravo, Pierce”, “A real decent man,” write netizens. Do you agree with the commentators?

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