An injured puppy, in the heat, bandaged with cellophane, was lying at a construction site

This is a very sad story about a dog, or rather about a puppy. This poor dog was lying on the construction site, wrapped in cellophane from head to toe. In the summer heat, the injured dog was wrapped in cellophane and thrown to the construction site. There are no words, only emotions, and extremely negative ones. It is not difficult to guess what happened to the puppy’s body after being in a cellophane “wrapper” for such a long time. He developed maggots in various places, and in a staggering amount.

It was lucky that two young people noticed the poor fellow. They took the dog and took him to the veterinary hospital. There, he received emergency care and underwent an x-ray procedure.

The dog’s spine was broken. Also, he was diagnosed with exhaustion, dehydration, and a full set of various sores.

To understand whether surgery is required or not, it was necessary to do a CT scan.

On CT, it turned out that the fracture of the spine was not displaced.

Therefore, fusion is possible without surgical intervention. However, the dog needs comprehensive care and expensive drugs. Also, he needs special food.

The puppy was named White. It’s nice that there are men in the world who treat animals with kindness. One of the rescuers volunteered to help treat White.

The dog has an appetite. He has a patient character and steadfastly endures all procedures.

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