An oxygen mask was used to a bulldog that was having trouble breathing throughout the journey in order to restore regular respiration

On Facebook recently, an intriguing message from a JetBlue passenger from the United States surfaced. It was a “letter of appreciation.” Michelle Burt conveyed her unending thanks to the flight attendants who worked so hard to save her dog, Darcy. 

A number of years ago, Burt, her husband, and Darcy have taken this flight from Florida to Massachusetts. 

Never a problem, but this time Darcy started to choke and felt queasy. A three-year-old bulldog’s tongue went blue from hypoxia, and he also had low blood pressure. 

In order to save Darcy, the couple begged the flight attendants for assistance. Despite receiving ice, the bulldog’s condition remained acute. 

The dog appeared to be choking because of his labored breathing. The oxygen mask was then brought by the flight attendant, and the dog recovered. 

Everything was already in place when the jet touched down in Massachusetts. The woman in the letter thanked the airline employees for their aid and congratulated them for their attentiveness.

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