An unusual ‘octopus blanket’ has been discovered by an Australian researcher (video)

A researcher found the unusual species of octopus Tremoctopus spp. while diving off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Because of its odd body structure, it is also known as the “octopus blanket.”

Jacinta Shackleton, an Australian marine researcher, made an incredible find on the reef of Lady Elliot Island, off the coast of Queensland. She discovered the octopus Tremoctopus spp., often known as the “blanket” due to its peculiar body form, at a shallow depth.

“When I first saw it, I believed it was a baby fish with long fins,” said the researcher, “but when I went closer, I was able to verify that it was a blanket octopus.” It was a fantastic experience since meeting with them was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”, adds the scientist.

The octopus Tremoctopus spp., discovered in 1963, generally dwells in the open ocean, therefore seeing it right on the reef is exceedingly uncommon. The researcher snapped many images of the species right away. Surprisingly, their odd body form and vivid color are intended to deter predators.

The researcher also deduced that the octopus in front of her was a female because males of this species were only the size of a walnut. The female Tremoctopus spp. may grow to be 180 cm long, while the male remains little. In addition, upon mating, the male loses a specific organ and dies.


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