“And you can’t say that she’s 89!” Joan Collins posted a photo in a swimsuit

The comments under the photo were no less wonderful than the photo itself.

The British author and well-known actress At a respectable age, Joan Collins still takes pride in her toned physique and proudly displays her images without worrying about backlash.
The star of “Dynasty” earned the distinction of being one of the most attractive women in the film industry in the 1950s; now, she hasn’t dropped the bar and is floundering with assurance. The famous person, who is 89 years old, sent a cheerful Christmas greeting to her followers.

The woman shared a selfie of herself in the pool, looking confident and unafraid of criticism, on her Instagram site. She is sporting a leopard-print bikini and edgy spectacles. Collins still wears red lipstick and a vibrant crimson manicure. Joan said that she spent Christmas with the friends in the picture; they enjoyed themselves in the pool, exchanged gifts, had dinner out, and danced to the music.
No less stunning than the image itself were the comments that were posted beside it. Supporters praised Collins’ self-assurance and attractiveness, saying that she is deserving of appreciation and acclaim at such a respectable age and that she inspires other women to value and love themselves at any age.

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