Angelina Jolie’s 12 tattoos and their meanings!

One of the celebrities that like getting inked is Angelina Jolie. Mother of six children, actor, and director—all these words aptly characterize this magnificent woman. Angelina enjoys having tattoos done on her body to represent every element of her life. Recently, she’s developed fresh tattoos. There are just educated assumptions as to what they imply right now.

We’ve gathered a few of her tattoos for you whose meanings have been verified by professionals:

1. The Latin phrase “Quod me netrit me destruit,” which means “What feeds me destroys me,” is written across the lower belly.

2. Although Angelina herself asserts that she received the tattoo in memory of her brother James Haven, the letter “H” on her left wrist was inscribed when she was engaged to Timothy Hutton. 

3. A giant Bengal tiger, created in 2004 in the likeness of the finest Borneo tribal cave drawings, and a second dragon all fit on Angelina’s lower back. 

4. Tai’s protection prayer is shown in a Buddhist tattoo and reads, “May your adversaries be terrified of you, may all your wealth be with you, may your beauty be likened to Apsara, and may it protect you wherever you go.” In addition to having a spiritual meaning, this tattoo also covers the Japanese word for death that was previously inked in the same location. 

5. Just below the star’s neck on the top back is the title of the Clash song “Know Your Rights.” 

6. The Arabic word for “purposefulness” is written on the right hand. 

7. “Billy Bob” used to be a compliment to the dragon tattoo on the left forearm. 

However, following the divorce, just the dragon was left, and the name was laser-removed. 

8. On the left is a Tennessee Williams quotation that reads, “A prayer for the wild at heart imprisoned in cages.” 

9. The actress’s favorite number is the Roman number 13, 

10. The latitude and longitude of each of her biological and now adopted children’s birthplaces. 

11. Angelina has a tattoo of the letter “M” as a tribute to her mother, Marcheline Bertrand. 

12. The last tattoo was done by Angelina last year, together with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, who also received ink on his stomach. The Thai monk Ajarna Nu Kenpai, who traveled here from Bangkok, especially for this job, provided them with drawings of undergarments. He created a tattoo with a rod and a surgical needle, which was more painful but improved the drawing’s accuracy. The pair intended to locate a family idyll and reestablish their prior spiritual bond with the use of ancient Buddhist signs.

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