“Are Vincent And Monica Together Again?”: 56-Year-Old Vincent C. And 26-Year-Old Tina Kunaki Broke Up After Five Years Of Marriage!

Tina is heartbroken.

Since 2018, Vincent and Tina have been wed. Their daughter, Amazoni, is three years old. But, the famous pair is currently experiencing a significant issue in their union.

“A few weeks ago, they split up.” The Daily Mail cited a family acquaintance as stating, “Tina is devastated.”

Kassel removed all of his wife’s images from social media. Indifferent to Kunaki’s birthday, the actor. Several people congratulated the top model, but her spouse did not.

The pair chooses to spend all of their time working on projects rather than discussing their personal life.

Vincent appeared in two projects, “The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan” and the Apple TV Plus series “Communication,” and Tina posts images from picture sessions.

Julia Menshova discussed the causes of the couple’s conflict. The TV host described the incident involving Kassel’s divorce from his first wife and marriage to a young model.

“No matter how hard you try not to judge, this type of news always brings to mind the one who was left behind… It’s possible that things were different in reality. Without Tina, it’s possible that the case would have ended in divorce. And generally speaking, other people’s connections are as black as their souls. Yet, it’s difficult to avoid thinking about Monica, according to the Vladimir Menshov heiress.

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