As the four newborn kittens entered the house, the dog extended her helping paw to give them the care they needed (video)

Laura stood up to assist when she saw four newborn kittens on the sidewalk.

The volunteer chose to take the children under her care after failing to locate their mother.

Additionally, she had Raylan, a kind dog with experience caring for abandoned kittens.

Mom gave her new cat kids a helping paw when she brought them home. She gave them the kindest greeting she could muster.

Since the dog has been caring for every kitten that enters the house via the door for years, even the smallest and most timid kittens develop into vivacious ones.

“When I first met Raylan, she was two years old, and as it turned out, she was going to be put to death”, said Laura.

Raylan appeared to believe that every child required her attention and encircled them with a thunderbolt of amazing love based on her life experience.

So it occurred again this time, and when she noticed the four arrivals, her paternal instincts resurfaced.

The cats felt like they were on cloud nine since the lovely canine took such good care of them.

After each meal, she made care to lick them and then let them settle on her tummy.

The cats adopted the dog as their mother and slept on top of it.

Raylan quickly located permanent homes for each cat when their foster care was completed. She was overjoyed for the infants.

They got motherly love and care from Raylan, and today they are flourishing in their new homes.

A few weeks later, she brought fresh kittens home, and her cherished dog was ready to care for them as usual.

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