As the longest resident of the shelter, Petey finally sleeps with a smile on his face because he now has the most caring family

Petey never forgets to flash his endearing smile, which makes everyone feel better.

Despite everything he has been through, Pete’s spirit is unbreakable.

The pit bull wasn’t getting any adoption applications, but the shelter wasn’t willing to give up and was doing all it could to find him a home.

That they didn’t want to send this adorable child home is absolutely incomprehensible.

The staff at the shelter decided to contact the SPCA for assistance, and they were delighted to accept Pet.

He was very eager to meet people when he got there.

Then they made the decision to post a picture of Petey, but they were concerned that it wouldn’t be useful because most people like puppies.

But thankfully, it didn’t. When this family first met him a few weeks later, they instantly fell in love.

The dog was promptly pursued by them, and they carried him to his new residence.

He rapidly acclimated to his new life there, where he felt quite content and was universally loved. There, he has a sibling who he enjoys spending time with.

We are overjoyed that Petey has now begun to live the life he truly deserves. He’s been longing for it in his dreams…

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