At 90, life is just beginning! Photos of elderly bloggers, whose positive attitude can only be envied

Even if you are a little … over 50, you can become famous all over the world. This statement was confirmed by older bloggers by their own example.

These wonderful beauties boast a huge army of fans on Instagram. Some of them, by the way, already have a million-strong audience and are not going to stop there.

I’m interested to know your opinion. What do you think?

How do you like these photos from models who are well over 50?

How would you react to the news that your mother or grandmother became a blogger?

Olga Nikitina (68 years old)

Lyn Slater (age 67)

Valentina Kuleshova (89 years old)

Buddy Winkle (92 years old)

Iris Apfel (99 years old)

Elena Kolotilova (57 years old)

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