At first, the man thought it was just a fluffy ball under the tree, but then it turned out to be alive…

One day, a good guy was strolling along the street when he at once caught sight of a fluffy “cotton” next to the tree.

So, when he drew closer, he was really astounded. What he had thought to be cotton turned out to have legs and a face.

It truly was great. It was a frogmouth chick, not a cotton ball.

He then recognized that he had probably fallen from a nearby tree. He then made an unsuccessful attempt to locate its relatives.

Not wishing to leave the baby bird there by itself, the rescuer brought it to a local bird refuge.

The adorable infant, which they called Pod, is now secure and well-cared for at a refuge.

Due to their appearance, these critters, which are native to Australia, are sometimes mistaken for owls by onlookers.

Their huge skull and nocturnal lifestyle are also to blame for this. They may easily blend into the tree’s branches where they reside because of their dark tint.

Parents construct their nests out of a collection of stray sticks, and they alternately perch on the nest to keep the eggs warm.

Sweet little baby will continue to live there and be released into the wild once it is old enough to grow on their own.

The little bird was spared and will soon return to his rightful place thanks to a nice guy.

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