At Ten Years Old Witnessing the Day My Mom Left While Dad Was at Work

Today’s real heroes are single parents. It’s tough to raise a child, whether in a family with both parents or just one. A young girl shared how her dad dealt with losing his wife and kept going.

When my parents first met, they didn’t get along. I’ve known they don’t like each other since I was born. When I was 10, my mom packed her bags and left while my dad was at work. She not only left but also took all the furniture, clothes, dishes, and electronics in the house. I remember the day he walked in through the door. I tried not to cry, holding onto her. I asked her to stay, but she left me crying at home.

I called my dad and told him what happened. He said to lock the door and windows because he couldn’t get in right away. While still upset, I decided to make a sandwich for my dad, just like he did when he realized I wasn’t in a good mood.

My mom took almost everything from home, so there wasn’t much food, but I managed with what I had. Since my mom used to cook, I wrote down the dishes on a piece of paper. After it was done, I sat there for four hours, feeling sad.

When my dad finally entered the house, he was surprised at how empty it looked. I ran to him with a cake in my hand and gave it to him. I told him it was made especially for him. Dad took it and shared it with me.

I pretended not to look because I saw that he was holding back tears. Even now, five years later, my dad still talks about that day. He says my gesture saved his life on the worst day of his life. He believes I regularly save his life.

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