“Athlete and Beauty”: 15-year-old heiress Pierre Narcissa conquered the Internet

Pierre met his future wife while participating in the TV show “Star Factory”. His chosen one was the beautiful model V. Kachalova, who later gave the man a wonderful daughter, Carolina.

Unfortunately, the singer’s marriage broke up, and his daughter stayed with her mother. After the divorce, it was not easy for Pierre to establish relations with the heiress, because the separation of the parents left a painful imprint on the soul of the child. But now all this is in the past, the singer and his beautiful daughter communicate well with each other.

Carolina grows up to be a very smart and beautiful girl. She is fond of tennis and also participates in various beauty contests.

In addition, the girl has her own page on the network, where she shares beautiful photos with subscribers, and also tells details from her personal life.

Parallel to this, Karolina maintains another blog where she teaches people how to make interesting emoticons.

The girl’s parents are insanely proud of her achievements, by the way, she is making progress both in sports and in the modeling field. They are sure that a great future awaits their successor.

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