Ayesha Curry Talks About Age Labeling at 34 Amid Pregnancy Announcement: ‘Time to Change the Conversation’

Ayesha Curry is talking about being called having a “geriatric pregnancy.”

In a magazine called Sweet July, Ayesha, who is 34, said she’s pregnant with her fourth baby with her husband Steph Curry, who plays in the NBA. When she went for a doctor’s appointment, they used the term “geriatric pregnancy” which made her feel uncomfortable.

She said, “I’m in my 30s, and so there’s all this paperwork referring to the experience as a ‘geriatric pregnancy’ and all the concerns that come along with that.”

Ayesha thinks the way people talk about women having babies when they’re older should be more understanding. Many women in their 30s and 40s are having babies for the first time, and being called ‘old’ feels scary and strange. She thinks we need to talk about it differently.

Ayesha already has daughters Riley and Ryan, and a son named Canon with Steph. She said this will be her last pregnancy.

“But one of the biggest differences [of this pregnancy] is a new understanding that this really does pass by in the blink of an eye,” she said. “And in the blink of an eye, it could also all be taken away. That’s encouraged me to slow down and take in every single little thing — especially with it being my last pregnancy.”

She also said that this time, she’s been asking for more help from her friends and family.

“I was really stubborn in my earlier pregnancies,” she said. “And that hurt me in the end. It made things really hard on me. I had to learn to put my pride aside and realize it was okay to take help, to have people around me help and to not shy away from it.”

“And I’m still trying to figure out what building my village looks like. I feel like it’s never complete, right?” Ayesha continued. “There’s always people coming in, people leaving, and people here forever. And that’s okay.”

She also said she’s realizing how important it is to have close friends.

“I don’t necessarily know if I’ve ever been a girl’s girl in that sense, but now as I’m getting older, I’m realizing it’s really nice to have that friend group chat,” she added.

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