“Baby, you have incredible legs!” Jennifer Lopez in lingerie made a splash

We have cooled down a little.

The actress appeared in the Italian lingerie company Intimissimi’s newest spring advertising campaign. The On the Floor hitmaker, 53, appeared in a colorful lace outfit from a high-end retailer. Ben Affleck’s wife wore fuchsia, cobalt blue, and cherry red bras to highlight her great abs.

The My Pirate Wedding actress also included PJ sets and a satin robe. Her long blonde hair was left free, and the star’s makeup was done with a gloss on the lips and an accent on the eyes. Lopez posed at his house. The actor said, “I can’t wait for you to see this.”

She has received several accolades from fans. “What a gorgeous woman! “, “Can’t wait to see you on my mall billboard,” “Can’t wait to see you on my mall billboard,” “Thought for a second it was Melania Trump,” “Definitely an ageless beauty,” “I’m at work, I can’t focus,” “Your smile heals my depression,” “Ben Affleck is a truly happy person,” and “gorgeous supermodel and great musician. Jennifer, you look fantastic in pink! Keep it up, girl! And, sweetheart, you have amazing legs,” the fans said.

Since September 2022, Lopez has served as the company’s international ambassador. Prior to that, Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of the television program “Sex and the City,” posed for the company. JLo has been hired by Intimissimi to help with a US promotion that has slowed down as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The group’s general manager, Marcello Veronesi, told WWD in September that “over the past two years, due to the pandemic, we have cooled down a little and slowed down our expansion, but… we are looking forward to next year to give it our all again.”

Intimissimi, a company that specializes in pajamas, vests, underwear, bras, and other intimate apparel, continues to have a lot of room for expansion in the US. Following Victoria’s Secret’s domination, the company’s CEO, Sandro Veronesi, predicts a new era for the market.

Jennifer has said that her upbringing in New York had a significant impact on her sense of style. T-shirt.’ It was very Latin, with big hoops and eyeliner, and it stayed with me. This mixture of toughness and sexuality” said Lopez

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