Baldwin and his pregnant wife, who was dressed in a translucent gown, strolled around Los Angeles

Alec Baldwin, 64, was photographed strolling with his young wife, who is 26 years younger than the actor. Hilaria, 38, wore a transparent sundress.

Netizens discussed new pictures of the actor, who has not been in contact with fans for a couple of months. Recall that after an accident on the set, Alec was in a long depression and refused to shoot.

Now the actor has resumed his duties, devoting his free time to his heirs and young wife. “Young enough to be his daughter”, “Alec weathered a lot after that incident”,

“Baldwin has aged visibly,” say netizens, “like father and daughter,” “I admire this couple,” and “Alec, strength, and patience to you.” Share your thoughts in the comments as well.


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