“Barely moves from thinness.” Charlize Theron returned the blond and amazed fans with a skinny body

Charlize has always been prone to extreme body changes

Charlize Theron, who was photographed in California today, April 28, astounded admirers with alterations to her physique. Since Charlize has gone back to her trademark blond hair and drastically reduced her weight, it is clear that she is currently experiencing a crisis.

She has had dark hair for the last two years, which her admirers did not necessarily support. However, as psychologists theorize, her desire to be bright and feminine has once again taken a backseat to her loneliness and need for relationships.

Charlize has always been prone to drastic physical changes, including her shape. She gained weight multiple times for movies, thus she can simply change her shapes swiftly. However, it appears that Theron has reached her lowest weight yet; at 177 cm tall, she weighs only 55 kg.

In terms of her personal life, the 47-year-old diva was spotted with an unknown individual a month ago. She hadn’t appeared with a man since…2015! She endured a tough breakup with Sean Penn and spent a lot of time alone.

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