“Beautiful Bikini On a Beautiful Figure”: Salma Hayek Celebrated The Holiday In The Pool!

Fans of the actress left her many compliments

Salma Hayek wore a chic bikini that highlighted her physique to celebrate a global holiday. The actress, 56, likes taking excellent care of herself and unwinding by the ocean.

She keeps a slim shape through an active lifestyle and has a variety of stylish swimwear. Salma recently posed in a summer suit while at the pool.

She wore a patchwork of several prints, including botanical and Indian-inspired patterns, on an ethnic-style bikini.

The top of the bikini was triangular in form, with scalloped pale beige lace trimming; the bottoms featured a low rise and side ties.

Salma let her hair down and applied light, natural makeup to her face. She had a white gold engagement ring on her finger and gold earrings that complemented her bikini.

She took a photo in front of some white columns and a little pool.

Salma tweeted her photo on National Bikini Day and noted that the bikini has only been worn for 77 years. She stated her wish that there would be no criticism or debate about bikinis.

Many admirers praised the actress, with some mentioning her well-known performance in Quentin Tarantino’s movie, when she also made an appearance in a bikini. Salma feels rejuvenated after swimming in the water and views it as her source of power.

She also acknowledged utilizing tepetskouit, a unique ingredient, to keep her complexion and attractiveness young.

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