Beautiful face and daddy’s eyes: what does the 22-year-old daughter of actor Paul Walker look like now

The death of the talented actor Paul Walker was a great tragedy for all his fans. It happened suddenly, as a result of a car accident. Paul Walker was only 40 years old.

He was one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood. After himself, the actor left not only excellent film works but also the charming daughter Madow Rain.

By the way, the actor met the mother of his only daughter in his youth. He was an aspiring actor, so he did not think about marriage, he devoted all his strength and time to his beloved work. Then he was not up to his personal life, so the couple broke up.

However, the girl found out that in a position, she decided to terminate the pregnancy. However, the actor was happy, he wanted to become a father, even despite his young age. Therefore, he supported his former lover and promised to help in the upbringing of the child.

In the daughter of Meadow, the actor did not cherish the soul. The girl always had a warm and trusting relationship with her father. She had never been so close to her mother.

When Meadow was 13, she moved to live with her father. It was a happy 2 years, the girl was 15 when the actor died. She was very upset by the death of her father, she withdrew into herself. On social networks, Meadow published only pictures with her father.

Now Madow is 22 years old, she began a modeling career and has already achieved success. A charming girl who inherited her father’s bottomless blue eyes, Meadow has grown into a real beauty. And fans are finding more and more similarities between father and daughter.

However, many are worried about Madow’s excessive thinness, some believe that she never overcame the loss of a parent. She is asked to eat more and monitor her health. It is worth noting that the girl decided to continue her father’s work, and she took up his charitable foundation, which helps children.

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