“Beauty With a Sense of Humor”: Julia Roberts Wore a Dress Decorated With Portraits of George Clooney!

At the 45th Kennedy Center Awards Ceremony in Washington, DC, Julia Roberts was there. The 55-year-old actress arrived attired strangely.

The Pretty Woman actress is well known for her talents as well as her extraordinary ability to make friends. On this particular occasion, Julia exemplified this by expressing her support for her close friend George Clooney.

The actress showed up wearing a long, patterned black dress. There were pictures of Clooney from various years scattered down the length of the garment. Julia put on a short black jacket over the attire. The outfit was finished off with stylish high heels.

In order to highlight her natural beauty, the mother of three decided to let her long hair fall freely and forego the eye-catching makeup. The occasion was also attended by Julia’s spouse. He wore a dapper black tuxedo for the occasion.

With this unusual yet interesting clothing, Robert’s supporters were pleased and grinned. The actress certainly had a terrific sense of humor.

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