Because she dressed her daughter like an adult, Kylie Jenner gained notoriety

Jenner has come under fire for not dressing her daughter properly. 

Kylie Jenner, a well-known celebrity and wildly prosperous businesswoman, has drawn a lot of criticism for clothing Stormi, her baby as if she were an adult. The cult star gave the infant a leather jacket to wear in the stuffy, sweltering conditions. 

Stormi, the millionaire’s adorable daughter, accompanied her as she launched her own cosmetics brand. 

The young mother expected kind remarks on their fashionable attire, but instead, she received scathing criticism for failing to properly dress her child. The cute girl was holding a leather purse in her hands and wearing a leather jacket and Nike sneakers. 

Well, that certainly looks wonderful, but what about the fact that Stormi is still a young child and need appropriate clothing? You must put her health first. Why is she dressed that way? 

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