“Before and after addiction”: How much actor Nicholas Brandon has changed

He ruined his own life

When “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” first aired, it quickly gained popularity and captured the hearts of many viewers. One of the beloved characters was Xander, portrayed by Nicholas Brandon, who garnered a significant fan following.

Nicholas was a handsome man, and his charm resonated with countless fans, leading him to reprise his role four times. However, unfortunately, he has since undergone a drastic transformation that is hard to believe.

During his acting career, he basked in the glory of fame. Everyone wanted to be associated with him, and his recognition spanned across the globe. Sadly, when the series concluded, so did his career.

He vanished from the screens, and no one seemed willing to work with him. The reason behind this downfall was alcohol. The once-handsome man found himself in a dreadful state. He became entangled in scandals and frequently faced legal trouble, resulting in his frequent encounters with law enforcement.

Alcohol not only took a toll on his personal life but also had a visible impact on his appearance. Now, he appears utterly miserable. Witnessing his current state is truly disheartening.

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