Being moved by the video with the participation of the abandoned dog, a kind man went to find him… (video)

Recently, something truly deserving of our attention occurred in Brazil.

The truth is that a few weeks ago, a bystander saw a guy throw a puppy on the side of the road before walking away.

The poor puppy was victimized by all of this, and the rider, who saw it all and chose to document it, decided to assist him.

He chose to go home and fetch her automobile since she was unable to transport the dog by bicycle. But when she went back, she was unable to locate the unfortunate puppy.

She spent many days returning to the area in the hopes of seeing the dog there, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Then she made the choice to post the dog’s footage on social media, hoping that someone else would see him and take him. The girl only wanted to confirm that the dog was in good health.

The video she shared went viral right away. That in turn inspired a local good Samaritan to look for the dog till he could find it.

As a result, the guy was able to locate the missing puppy, bring it home, and start taking care of it.

The dog was overjoyed to have a home once more. He kept grinning and joyfully wagged his tail.

He even got a sizable yard at his new home where he could play and run about as much as he pleased.

The owner of the dog chose to keep him permanently after growing emotionally attached to him and providing him with the love and attention he so desperately needed. What a happy ending!

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