“Bellucci copy!” Kunaki showed the mother-in-law of Vincent Cassel

A copy of the ex-wife. The irony of fate.

The 25-year-old wife of French actor Vincent Cassel seldom features her parents on her Instagram page. It’s important to note that Tina’s parents are from Togo and Italy, respectively. The model recently shared some unusual photos of her mum. Nadia was compared to Vincent Cassel’s ex-wife by online commenters.

“The ex-copy. wife’s The comments under the photos of Nadia Kunaka said things like, “The irony of fate,” “Kassel’s mother-in-law is the spitting image of Bellucci,” “I think that Kunaki’s mother looks like Monica Bellucci?” “A beautiful woman,” “Tina doesn’t look like her mother,”

“What a gorgeous woman,” and “Pretty Woman.” We’re interested in the feedback of our subscribers. Share your thoughts in the comments below our post.

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