“Bon Jovi: The Story Behind the Hits”: Watch the First Full-Length Trailer for “Thank You, Goodnight”

Hulu just put out a new trailer for a show called “Thank You, Goodnight.” It’s about Bon Jovi, a famous band. The show will tell us about how the band started and all the ups and downs they went through. They’ll show us old pictures and songs we’ve never heard before.

In the trailer, Richie Sambora, who used to play guitar in the band, wonders if they should tell the truth or lie about their story. Then, we see clips of the band when they were young. Jon Bon Jovi talks about how the band was his only plan in life.

The trailer also shows the band playing in big stadiums in the ’80s, with fans singing along. But things weren’t always great. The band faced tough times too. Jon and other members talk about how fame hurt their personal lives.

Richie Sambora left the band, and he talks about regretting how he did it. Despite the hard times, the band wanted to keep going.

The trailer also mentions Jon’s health problems. His voice started having issues in 2022. Jon talks about how scary it was to lose his singing voice.

The show has interviews with past and present band members, as well as other people involved in their career. It’s a four-part series directed by Gotham Chopra.

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