Brain Teaser Puzzle: Spot the B in this image within 22 seconds

Brain Teaser Puzzles may make our downtime enjoyable since they increase our ability to concentrate and keep our minds sharp. Brain teasers exercise your mental muscles as well, and as you increase your exposure to them, your ability to do so also does so. On social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we regularly receive brand-new, really fascinating puzzles.

The latest Brain Teaser puzzle challenge asks you to identify how many B letters are there in the image we are about to provide. You will notice R letters in this image, but there are also hidden B letters within these R letters that you must identify.

This challenge is lost if you are unable to respond with the solution in the allocated time. You may see the letter B if you look at the image carefully. Time is running out, so hurry. If you have found letter B then congratulations to you and if not then we tell you its solution.

There are 2 Bs in the image in the 2nd and 5th rows.

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