Brazilian dentist travels the world and treats people’s teeth for free!

Felipe Rossi, a young Brazilian dentist, made the decision to volunteer. The Por1sorriso Foundation is a non-governmental organization that was established by him and his partners in 2016. This fund’s mission was to aid underprivileged individuals with dental-related health issues.

Doctors treat patients when they are abroad. They travel personally to assist the destitute; their center doesn’t have a fixed address. They will therefore be able to serve a large clientele. They have previously traveled to places like Kenya and Mozambique.

One of Felipe Rossi’s patients was Terri Rimmer. The group of dentists was profoundly moved by her narrative. The woman explained why she had lost her teeth. It turns out that the woman’s great stress—the death of her loving husband—was what caused her to lose her teeth.

She was unable to eat regularly due to her missing teeth, which had an immediate negative impact on her quality of life.

Even though the procedure was drawn out and difficult, the woman found the end outcome to be quite satisfying. She flashed a stunning smile once again. Her trust in a better future and sense of self-worth were restored by the dentist. Felipe’s numerous patients, whose lives have been transformed by this group of dentists, include Rimmer.

His approach is unusual in that he tries to assist those who are unable to receive therapy.

It costs nothing at all to receive treatment. The good news is that they have already added roughly 4,500 volunteers. They are also ready and happy to offer free assistance.

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