“Brazil’s Best Body!”: Kanye West’s Ex-Lover in a Provocative Bikini on The Beach Made a Splash!

After Kim Kardashian filed for divorce Kanye started dating the girls

Julianna Nalu, 24, displayed her toned physique on the beach. The bikini the model was wearing was obscene.

The Ex-girlfriend Kanye West celebrated Christmas in Rio de Janeiro on the shore. Rio, Julianna’s four-legged companion, accompanied her on the stroll. Nalu gave her animal the name of her hometown. The bikini the model wore was hot and black.

The girl’s bust was highlighted by the bra’s triangle cups on skinny straps. Nala’s buttocks were as fully exposed as possible by her high, stringy pants. She selected a customized gold necklace and a ring for her middle finger among the available accessories.

The blogger’s lengthy hair was twisted into several little braids. Also sporting a high ponytail, Julianna had long hair. She actively engaged in conversation with other beachgoers.

The Brazilian titled the video “Rio in Rio.” The model has received a lot of positive feedback from fans.

The 45-year-old rapper and the model called it quits after just two brief months of dating. On December 5, one of the users reminded Julian about the controversy surrounding Kanye’s remarks. The reader inquired as to how she may date West. “I’m free. Thank you for your concern,” Nalu quickly replied.

Following their October sighting in New York, the first reports of a relationship between the two celebrities surfaced. In November, Nala was last spotted with the performer. Before then, West had relationships with a number of women, including Julia Fox and Cheney Jones.

After Kim Kardashian filed for divorce in February 2021, alleging irreconcilable differences, Kanye started dating the girls. At the end of November, West and Kardashian reached a divorce agreement. The ex-spouses have four kids together.

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