“Broke The Dress Code”: Pamela Anderson In a Tight Red Dress Appeared On The Red Carpet!

The star was with her sons at the premiere.

In Los Angeles, the 55-year-old actress gave a Netflix presentation of her newest movie. Pamela Anderson went with a gorgeous all-red ensemble.

At the debut of her documentary “Pamela: A Love Story,” which is available on the biggest video service, the Hollywood supernova took center stage. Anderson disobeyed the fashionable rule that says red should be avoided at famous events so as not to mix in with the red carpet.

Pamela selected a sumptuous bodycon floor-length dress in the color of desire that was heavily bejeweled. The actress so paid homage to the classic television program “Malibu Rescuers,” which made her famous throughout the globe. Additionally, her vivid red one-piece swimsuit rose to cult status.

The clothing item from Naeem Khan cost £4,865. The actress’s slim form, which is still in excellent condition, was highlighted by the outfit. The attire, which has a round neckline, was created with a 90s aesthetic.

The actress finished off the look with a pair of stiletto shoes. She also selected nearly shoulder-length white gold earrings with diamonds. She had pulled her hair back in a thick updo, with a few strands framing her face. The Canadian fashion model received eye-catching nighttime make-up that included pink gloss on full lips and thick eyeliner.

The Playboy actress attended the event with her boys. Dylan, 25, and Brandon, 26, have grown into really gorgeous men. The eldest Lee brother made the decision to wear a white shirt, a navy blue suit, and a tie in the same color. The younger man had a flashier appearance with sunglasses, a white shirt without a tie, and a black tuxedo that had shimmering stripes embroidered on it.

According to the Daily Mail, Brandon made a movie about his mom’s life and achievements.

Ryan White, the 42-year-old director of the movie, was also present. He was the one who documented the tumultuous life of the actress, who was married five times and frequently found herself in the heart of public controversies.

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