California hairdresser makes clients proud of their gray hair, not hide it

Naturalness and naturalness come to all areas of life – including the hairdresser. If earlier clients of salons came there to paint over gray strands, now it’s the other way around – they completely adjust the hair color to match their gray hair.

Today we will share with you the work of one specialist who makes clients proud of their gray hair and does not hide it.

Jack Martin is a hair colorist based in California. He earned such popularity on the network that thanks to this he even found star clients for himself – Jane Fonda and Sharon Osbourne. The fact is that Jack specializes in special coloring.

The man matches the color of the client’s gray hair and makes sure that there is no difference between them. Moreover, the results of Jack’s work do not want to hide at all! Jack has more and more clients – thanks to the quality of his work. Would you risk such a transformation?

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