“Candid Neckline Showed Her Magnificent Breast”: Salma Hayek Appeared At The Wedding In a Dress She Could Hardly Breathe!

Fans loved the daring image of the star.

The actress, 56, donned a rather striking costume. Salma Hayek wore a dress that not every girl would dare to wear when she attended the wedding of famous friends.

The celebrity was present at Jennifer Lopez’s ex-wedding. husband’s Model Nadia Ferreira, who is 31 years younger than her spouse, wed Marc Anthony. Miami was the location of the celebration.

Salma put on a fluttering Greek-style dress. It was a subtle shade of pistachio.

The outfit’s dizzying neckline and shimmering stone embroidery highlighted the star’s chiseled form and gorgeous breasts. Salma let some of her hair flirtatiously curl about her face as she pulled it back into a high bun.

Salma struck a sensuous position, revealing her stunning décolleté to the camera.

Fans adored the star’s risk-taking persona. The admirers, however, questioned how she could breathe in the garment because it appeared to be so tight.

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