Cat Pisco is a real-life “Puss in Boots” who shocked the whole internet

The creature we found appeared to be from a movie. Pisco is a Golden British shorthair that has caught the Internet by storm due to his resemblance to Puss in Boots in various ways.

Here are the cat’s eyes of Puss in Boots from Shrek 2, a character with a secret yet powerful weapon. People associate these characteristics with cheerful, chatting cats.

The same may be said about Pisco. One of his most famous photos portrays a cat that looks like Puss in Boots. Pisco’s eyes are always like this, even if you think it’s a happy accident.

However, the cat’s fame originates from more than just its eyes. The cat also has a lot of good qualities. It’s fairly plump. He has the appearance of a puffy sandwich at moments and a gorgeous newborn at others.

Pisco is a cat whose expression returns when you look deep into its eyes. This lovely kitty looks stunning in a variety of clothing and costumes.

The cat grows black paws that perfectly match his paws as his big black pupils widen. You’ll be smitten by all of these qualities and want to offer him some food right away.

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