Catherine Zeta-Jones In An Unusual Outfit Was Caught By The Paparazzi

In New York, Catherine Zeta-Jones caught the attention of onlookers. The 53-year-old actress has a hot demeanor. The paparazzi followed the Oscar winner as she made her way to the performance. When she arrived in the studio, Katherine wore an obscene attire.

Michael Douglas’ wife donned a long, black coat with a zipper that she didn’t want to close. Katherine wore a tight T-shirt and a red leather skirt with a high slit that displayed her toned legs beneath her outerwear. The actress chooses red high-heeled shoes for her footwear. The actress put a few gentle waves in her lengthy hair. Zeta-Jones enhanced her inherent beauty with subtle cosmetics. With the aid of her dark sunglasses, the actress was shielded from the cameras’ flashes. Small stone-studded hoops earrings and a leather clutch finished the look.

Katherine was observed in a different way after the show was recorded. Still wearing the same black coat, the actress had her buttons up this time. Underneath it was a flowing black garment in the style of Wednesday’s lead character, Morticia Addams, played by Zeta-Jones. High-heeled black Mary Jane shoes with rounded toes completed the look.

The actress’s chic exits drew the attention of her fans. “Wow, such a wonderful physique at this age.” “A gorgeous woman!” “I want to look like her!” “Incredibly beautiful,” “The figure is amazing,” and “What a beautiful woman!” Fans of “Amazing Katherine” praised her for having “not an ounce of fat!”

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