“Charming genes!”: Alain Delon’s children and grandchildren

One can only envy such genes!

Alain Delon is the actor famous not only for his talent, but also his handsome appearance. He is constantly compared with Apollo, being called “handsome as Apollo”. Naturally, his heirs have also inherited his charm and charisma.

The actor did not accept his eldest son – Aaron. They even cut ties with each other and never even communicated. The boy’s mother – Christa Päffgen – even turned to Delon’s mother to somehow change the actor’s attitude towards his son. All her attempts were unsuccessful.

The actor’s mother accepted and raised his youngest child. She even gave him the surname Delon.

Over time, Delon tried to make friends with the boy, but never accepted him as his son. Aaron, on his turn, took his mom’s surname. He chose the career of a photographer, and became quite successful in this field. Sometimes, he also appears in films.

Alain Delon’s second child is Anthony. His mother is Nathalie Barthélémy – the actor’s wife.

The spouses divorced when the boy was only 5 years old. They happened to have no time for the upbringing of their son because of their work. As a result, the boy “went downhill”.

However, later Anthony managed to make the grade and set up his own business. He developed his clothing brand, which became quite popular.

The middle child followed in his father’s footsteps and started acting in films.

Alain has 3 granddaughters. They all have inherited their grandfather’s charm. In his second marriage, the actor had 2 more children (a girl and a boy). His daughter became an actress, and the son chose the modeling career. They also look like their handsome father.

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