“Cheerful And a Bit Funny”: Bruce Willis’s Pregnant Daughter Hopes Her First Child Will Be Just Like Her Grandfather!

The actress’s daughter is in her final month of pregnancy. Rumer Willis discussed how she wants her unborn child to inherit the traits of a very ill father.

The connection between the 34-year-old actress and Vista Kicks singer Derek Richard Thomas is fulfilling. The couple is getting ready to have their first kid.

Rumer pondered the characteristics of her future child. The girl said that she genuinely hopes that her child would take after the looks of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, her well-known parents. Rumer fondly nicknamed them “foolish.”

“All of us are so foolish and strange. I adore that my family is a bunch of weirdos. I sincerely hope that our future child will be just as upbeat and lighthearted. I believe that was the same for my mother, father, and sisters as well. The finest thing for me is to laugh with my entire family, “confessed Willis Jr.

The performer displayed her round belly. Rumer dressed provocatively to draw attention to her rounded shape. She wore a knit sweater but insisted on donning pants or a skirt. Rumer swaddled herself in a blanket.

Followers of the celebrity family flooded the photographs with praise and congratulations. What do you think of the actress’s photos?

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