Cher’s Natural Look Sparks Internet Debate: Aging Gracefully or Cosmetic Controversy?

People on the internet are talking a lot about how amazing Cher looks at 76. Recently, photographers took pictures of the famous singer on a yacht during her vacation.

In these photos, Cher decided to show herself to her fans without makeup and without a bra.

Some people are saying things like, “Cher has always looked great, no wonder she’s aging beautifully,” and “I understand, but she has had a lot of plastic surgery. I would look 20 too if I had that kind of money.”

Others are commenting on her natural look, saying things like, “She looks totally normal without makeup,” and “She’s getting old, she looks her age, don’t exaggerate.”

People are also saying positive things like, “She’s a well-groomed and fit woman,” and “Cher can hardly be called a grandmother.”

What do you think? Do you agree with what people on the internet are saying?

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