Cher’s story of plastic surgery addiction and her daughter’s decision to become a man!

Cher has undergone a radical transformation at the age of 75. It’s important to note that she underwent her first plastic surgery when she was just 30 years old, back in the 1970s.

Plastic surgery was only performed in rare circumstances at the time, such as when a major injury changed a person’s look. But the celebrities quietly submitted applications for cosmetic surgery in order to enhance their attractiveness.

Surprisingly, Cher chose the first procedure because she was so uncomfortable with the shape of her nose. So the artist did a rhinoplasty right away. So the significant changes started. At least twice more, Cher adjusted the contour of her nose.

Plastic surgery has been incredibly popular over time. The stars started using a variety of alternative methods with joy. According to Cher, getting plastic surgery has turned into a serious addiction that she can’t seem to kick. She doesn’t regret the alterations to her appearance, by the way. She acknowledges that if she had a chance to start over again, she would choose the same course.

Cher has had her lips fixed, her cheekbones reshaped with silicone implants, and she frequently has facelifts to look flawless. She also frequently administers Botox to herself.

The singer also underwent surgery to enlarge her breasts and buttocks, alter the contour of her chin, and have her lower ribs removed in order to reduce the size of her waist. By the way, this surgery was quite challenging and unpleasant, of course. But Cher had no fear and had the procedure at a pretty advanced age.

Now, a word or two about the singer’s personal life: as she got older, her partners got younger. For instance, she began an affair with Tom Cruise, who was just 23 years old at the time, when she was 40.

A couple more years passed, and the woman began dating a 22-year-old cake delivery guy. She was dating a 37-year-old at the age of 62.

The artist’s daughter inherited her father’s interest in altering one’s look.

She made the decision to get a sex change after realizing that she wasn’t born to be a woman. She underwent this surgery when she was 40 years old, and today she is a man.

This is Cher’s daughter before and after the surgery.

What are your thoughts on plastic surgery? Do they actually have any use?

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