Cheryl Burke Opens Up About Post-Divorce Dating Experiences (Exclusive)

“Dancing with the Stars” star Cheryl Burke isn’t actively looking for love after her breakup with Matthew Lawrence. She’s been on some not-so-great dates but isn’t rushing into a new relationship.

Cheryl is keeping her personal life more private now and hopes her future partner sees beyond her glamorous career.

She believes that who you are on the inside is what truly matters, not what the world sees. Cheryl has learned that defining yourself by external things, like her dancing career, isn’t healthy. She’s looking for a partner who understands this and is also committed to working on their mental well-being.

Cheryl is now focused on hosting her podcast, “Sex, Lies, & Spray Tans,” which gives a peek behind the scenes of her time on “Dancing with the Stars.” She wants to share this journey with her fans, who have supported her for many years.

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