Choose a bird and find out what is missing in your life

In a moment, you will finally know what you are missing in your life.  Choose an image of the bird you like or several. And read the answer.

Peacock – you lack magic

You look at everything through the eyes of a realist. To believe in talismans, signs, amulets – this is not your case. Logic and own experience above all. Established boundaries do not allow you to look at the world from a different angle. It interferes with your harmonious life.

Hummingbird – you lack carelessness

Your attitude to all aspects of life is very serious and too responsible. This comes from the fact that you have achieved everything yourself, with maximum effort. Pleasure and entertainment faded into the background. Your energy is depleted too quickly. You need to restore balance and harmony in your life.

Swallow – you do not have enough activity

You do not like to rush, both in business and in relationships. To make any decision, you first collect as much information as possible and draw conclusions. Such thoroughness is not always good. You can waste precious time. What was needed today becomes unnecessary tomorrow. Use your abilities wisely.

Owl – you lack pragmatism

Planning, analyzing, and drawing conclusions are not your forte. Your rule is here and now. The future is ephemeral for you, but it is still worth looking ahead to. This will help to avoid many disappointments and mistakes.

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