Christmas trees were presented to animals in the Kaliningrad Zoo

Animals in zoos are often delighted: in the summer, in the heat, special ice floes and pools are made for them, and in winter, Christmas trees are placed in enclosures. This is not only a joy for animals, but also useful for people – they do not throw away Christmas trees at the entrances, but donate them to zoos.

It’s a holiday in the Kaliningrad Zoo again. The animals received Christmas trees from city residents and vendors.

Many animals were happy with the gifts. Some, like goats, gnaw on them and scratch their horns about them. Christmas tree bark is rich in vitamins and an excellent massager.

Lynxes use trees to sharpen their claws. They happily play near the trees and tear them with their claws.

For a kangaroo, a Christmas tree is an unusual tree. But they also show interest in her, inspect and sniff.

Christmas trees are not only a nice gift for animals. This is a great eco-friendly way to get rid of a tree after the holidays.

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