Cindy Crawford’s son got a tattoo on his face without considering his mom’s opinion

Fans see his face as his “business card”

Cindy is a 90’s popular model, but is popular even today. People think her children are like their mother by character, however, they preferred her beauty and charisma.

Presley and Kaia are now focusing on their modeling career. The model’s children have succeeded in the modeling industry and are sure to become quite famous.

Cindy’s son has rather a different nature.

The boy has recently got a tattoo on his face. Some of his fans were disappointed by this, saying that his face was his business card.

The guy’s mother tried to cover up her son’s act, saying that he got influenced by a bad company of friends. The word tattooed on the guy face is translated as “incomprehensible”.

How would you react to your son getting a tattoo on his face?

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