Close-up on Celebrity Fashion: Highlights from the Venice Film Festival 2023

On the island of Lido, the Venice Film Festival 2023 continues to shine. While not too many Hollywood celebrities attended the opening (due to a writers’ strike), there was no shortage of celebrities at the events within the Venice Film Festival – both European and American. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Maria Carla Boscono

The Italian model captivated the audience with her Red Riding Hood outfit (for adults). Looking closely at Maria Carla’s face, it’s easy to see that she didn’t put too much effort into her makeup for the formal event. Though perhaps adding a bit of color, like emphasizing the lips, would have been a good idea.

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko wasn’t on the red carpet, but she made an appearance at one of the premieres associated with the Venice Film Festival. The actress chose a delicate though somewhat simple look, complemented with nude makeup and a minimalist hairstyle.

Milla Jovovich

The star of “The Fifth Element” looked stunning at a Venice Film Festival party in an elaborate silk dress. Her makeup, though subtle, was on point. However, Milla’s hairstyle… Perhaps there are people in the world who can pull off a mullet, but we haven’t seen them. Jovovich’s different-sized locks don’t do her any favors. It seems this haircut is the result of her own hair experiment, which didn’t turn out too well, as we can see.

Carla Bruni

There’s no such thing as former models, as Carla Bruni reminds us while posing for photographers at the Venice Film Festival 2023. Carla knows how to present herself to the public in the best possible way. So, looking at her up close, you can note the excellent work of specialists in “tuning” and the trendy “latte” makeup.

Michelle Rodriguez

Looking at photos of Michelle Rodriguez from the Venice Film Festival, it seems like she’s not entirely comfortable in such a feminine look. Michelle, who usually plays action heroines, apparently reluctantly agreed to wear makeup but flatly refused to style her hair.

Jessica Chastain

The always charming Jessica Chastain didn’t deviate from her style at the Venice Film Festival. Though, against the white wall, the fair-skinned redhead actress seems even paler, as if she might blend in with the press wall any moment.

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