Clownfish – little aggressor

We remember the clownfish from the cartoon “Finding Nemo”. These fish are real cuties. But in the wild, these fish are far from cute. They are very aggressive and can even attack humans.

The clownfish is so called because of its bright coloration. The yellow fish with white stripes and black trim looks very pretty, but looks can be deceiving.

This fish is considered the most aggressive of the small fish. They are very impatient and in order to get food, they are ready for anything. They can attack large fish and even people, they will see them as a threat. Of course, they will not be able to cause any harm, but they will try very hard.

These fish are not easy to find. They live in anemones – marine coral polyps, whose mucus can sting a person or other fish. But the clownfish adapted to the anemone’s venom and made it their home. Not a single predator will voluntarily climb into anemones, and these fish take advantage of this.

Another interesting fact is that clown fish are initially always born males. Only in the course of life can their gender change. In addition, they can already regulate the size of their body, adjusting to their relatives.

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