“Completely changed my life!”: Tenant inherits property from generous landlord

The woman had no idea her landlord was a multi-millionaire

Usually landlords demand money from their tenants. But John Perret was different! This multi-millionaire was the embodiment of generosity and kindness. As the man was in near-death condition, he decided to do something incredible for his tenant – Jane Sayner.

Around 23 years ago Jane started looking for a house for rent in Melbourne, Australia. Soon she came across a very comfortable 2-bedroom house in St. Albans, Melbourne. Now Jane is 74 years old and used to work at Epping. She was a happy and responsible tenant and always paid her rent in time. She was also allowed to make some changes in Perret’s garden and gave it a complete new look.

By the way, Jane had no idea about Perret being a millionaire. The man was not married and had no siblings. Perret used to work as a local pharmacist. But he was more devoted to community activities and soon decided to sell his pharmacy and invest the money in shares.

According to Jane, Perret was an amazing landlord. He always helped the woman with household problems and made sure everything was in a perfect condition.

One day, Perret called Jane to his place and asked her to talk to his solicitor. Apparently, the man wanted her to give her full name and other details about herself to the solicitor, because he wanted to leave the house to her. Since Perret suffered from Parkinson’s disease he had to be taken to the nursing home. Jane couldn’t believe her ears!

John Perret passed away in September, 2020, at the age of 86. This is not the man’s only charity. He also donated $19.6 million to the nephrology department of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. John had had a kidney transpalnt in the hospital and this way he wanted to express his gratitude to his doctor and the whole medical staff of the hospital.

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